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About The Author
Anne Gurchick is Director of the non-profit Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter. She encourages you to make a difference by adopting a shelter pet.  A portion of the profits from the book will be donated to animal rescue. (www.dogsaspen.com)

You Can Make a Difference
A portion of the proceeds of book sales go to animal rescue causes!

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April 5th 8:00 am EST
Strategies for Living with David McMillian  

April 30th - 6:00pm EST
Donna Seebo Show

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Saved is a book about survival . . .

. . . how, when facing a challenge or battling illness by taking the attention away from ourselves and delving into helping others, we find strength and healing. Here the needy are our four-legged family members, lost, desperate and dying, in need of immediate care. As a city and country reel from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath, many pets are abandoned, forgotten or overlooked. Saved provides a glimpse into what was happening to them in the days immediately following the flooding of New Orleans. Both heartbreaking and heartwarming, the story follows four women who leave the comfort of their homes in the Colorado mountains to follow their passion for animal rescue, facing the unknown. In doing so they share the experience of a lifetime, forever bond and, in the process, are Saved. The United States currently kills between two and three million adoptable dogs and cats a year. By opening your heart and home and making room for one homeless dog or cat, we can all help end pet overpopulation and the unnecessary killing of these adoptable pets. Anne is director of the non-profit Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter, whose mission is to put an end to pet overpopulation. Help us - adopt a shelter pet.

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